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Make Mistakes

“As long as you don’t make the same mistake twice, I know you are learning”

Business rhetoric and quotations are full of examples of feeling at one with making mistakes. Here is but a few from the repertoire of quotations:

“Success is 99% failure” -Soichiro Honda
“Most of what I learnt was trial and error” Gordon Moore
“Reward worthy failure” Bill Gates

That’s all well and good coming from multi-millionaires and business success stories, you’ll no doubt be thinking. I’m here to tell you they are right. You should never aim to make mistakes and wherever possible you should try to learn from other people’s mistakes but the occasional slip up is absolutely fine, provided you stick to three simple guidelines:

1) Your motivation to do a good job is not allowed to falter
2) You only make each mistake once, otherwise you didn’t learn a thing from it
3) Don’t hide your mistakes: it shows people that you are human

So, just a few mistakes I’ve made so far:
X Losing my temper with a security guard
X Accidentally calling an Area Manager whilst in bed with a lady (I’ve since learnt to lock my phone to stop this happening)
X Hiring someone without the right visa (that was a doozy!)

So, that's just a few of my mistakes - what are yours......?

See you next time.

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Keep A Portfolio

“Remind yourself how good you are that’s your standard”

As soon as you accomplish something you are really proud of you need to showcase it. This comes in super handy for impromptu job interviews which will impress and delight. More so, however, it is a great reminder to yourself of how good you can be. The ultimate reinforcement for Positive Mental Attitudes.

Whether you make it in the local newspaper for charity work, launch a project at work or have contributed to the massive rise in profits it all counts. As long as you can easily show someone what exactly you contributed and you are genuinely proud of what you achieved. There is no chance of you being able to pull the wool over your own eyes after all.

The other benefit of this is that it makes you want to complete projects and have accomplishments that are worthy enough to include in your portfolio for the future.

The ultimate motivation to do better is to compete with yourself.

Taking my own advice
You can see my portfolio at: http://www.jpmarkey.co.uk/?pg=portfolio

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